Announcing Vater Goose!

Announcing Vater Goose!

Have you ever read a book to your child and thought to yourself, “WTF did I just read?” You’re not alone. Join Sebastian and Peter as they delve into the weird side of a new children’s book each episode. They might even share some fatherly wisdom along the way.

Disclaimer: Vater Goose is an adults-only comedy podcast where two grown-ass men review books meant for small ass kids. This podcast is not meant for children’s ears. 

Like what we’re about so far? Good! Here is how it works:

Each episode Sebastian and Peter analyze a new children’s book from an adult’s perspective. We’ll talk about the good, bad, and the ugly – no holding back. We’ll read some hilarious Amazon reviews and then make an official judgement on whether this book should make the family library or be tossed into a flaming dumpster. This portion of the show is 100% completely FREE, available anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

If you like us SO much and want to hear more (and support our show!), join the Vater Goose Gaggle, our official Patreon for fans of the podcast. For $3/month, you’ll get exclusive access to full, ad-free episodes of Vater Goose which includes the book review and a lengthy after-show discussing hot button issues related to adulting and parenting. 

Any questions – fill out the form on the homepage or email us at We are always looking for new recommendations for weird children’s books to review, so send them our way! 

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